Tapo/Kasa Devices are showing offline after changing or resetting the router

*Note: All Tapo/Kasa devices require and only work with the Tapo/Kasa for Mobile App

If you can't get smart devices online to the network after changed the ISP/ router, or the router is reset, you may try the following guides:

Currently, there is no setting on Tapo/Kasa APP allowing us to switch to a different wireless network directly, but you can achieve this goal using the following two methods instead:

1. Apply the same wireless settings (including the wireless network name, wireless encryption, and password) on your new router as on the old one. Then the device should be able to connect to the new router automatically.

2. If you can’t change the wireless settings, you can also reset and reconfigure the smart device again with the new Wi-Fi.

Please refer to the QIG to reset your smart device. (Both soft reset and hard reset are OK.)


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